The Strand Study Bible

The STRAND Study Bible Compiled by Brad Strand

Endorsements In the Christian publishing world today one could almost paraphrase Solomon’s words in Ecclesiastes 12:12 to read, ‘of the making of many Bibles, there is no end.’ There are specialized Bibles for one’s gender, race, age, theological perspective, etc. It is thus understandable that all too often one may find himself or herself totally confused regarding which Bible to purchase. If, however you are looking for the most amount of scriptural, historical, and practical facts, look no further than THE STRAND STUDY BIBLE . This incredible Bible is not only on the cutting edge of relevant facts, it is the cutting edge!” Dr. H.L. Willmington Founder and Dean of the Willmington School of the Bible at Liberty University Driven by a passion to teach and apply scripture, Pastor Strand provides a comprehensive array of research tools – maps, charts, word studies, and chronologies – for the serious student to unlock the flow and intricacies of Biblical revelation. THE STRAND STUDY BIBLE is an invaluable contribution to hermeneutics. Keith Call Assistant Archivist at Wheaton College I have known Brad Strand for over a quarter of a century. I feel he has made available one of the finest Study Bibles ever produced. The use of history, the explanation of basic Bible doctrines, the maps, the clarification of difficult texts, and much more, gives the reader insights to the Word of God not available anywhere else. It is something every Christian, who wants to know the Bible, should have. Dr. Ed Reese Author of the Reese Chronological Bible


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